Information for Drivers

Thank you for your interest in driving one of the transport vans for the CanINE Express Transport Project!   You can "virtually" ride on the CanINE Express by clinking on the following youtube link:


Requirements for Drivers:  

You must be 25 years or older and have a good driving record to drive one of the cargo vans from Enterprise Rent a Car (1601 N. College Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana).   Enterprise Rental Car requirement:  No smoking allowed in cargo vans.  

If you live in the Indianapolis area, we will try our best to have you pick up your van from one of the Indianapolis Enterprise Rent a Car locations. However, it may be necessary for you to come to Bloomington on Thursday morning to pick up your van and to return it to this location on Sunday after the transport.  The address for Enterprise Rental Car Bloomington office is:  1601 N. College Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana.   

If you are new driver on our transport, you will need to fax a copy of your driver's license to Enterprise Rent a Car (812-336-6844 fax number) a few days prior to the transport date.  Be sure to mention on the faxed copy that you will be a driver for the CanINE Express Transport Project.


What to Bring:

Be prepared for any type of weather and dress accordingly. 

Feel free to bring a cooler for food and snacks along the way.  The vans have a radio, but no CD or tape player.   So, if you want to listen to something other than the radio, bring a CD player. 


Picking up Vans:

A cargo van will be reserved for you at Enterprise Rent a Car.  Be sure to bring your driver’s license when you pick up the van; Enterprise will take a copy of it for their records.  We purchase insurance that completely covers any damage to the Enterprise Rental Car van and other vehicles that may be involved.  Also, please check with your own automobile insurance company to make sure they will cover any damages to any other vehicle/property damaged in the unlikely event of an accident. 

You may leave your own vehicle at Enterprise Rent a Car in Bloomington while you are away on the transport – it is a very safe area.  I’ve left my own vehicle on their lot without mishap over the past 17 years while I’m on transport.


Funds provided for Gasoline:

I will place a notebook in your van that contains cash to be used for gasoline.   You will need to save all receipts for gasoline.   At the end of the trip, you will need to leave the notebook in the van that contains receipts and remaining cash that equals the amount given to you. 

Volunteer drivers are asked to pay for their own meal expenses.  


While on the Transport:

Each van will have:

• a map of our route;  

• a cleaning pail with paper towels, disinfectant, rubber gloves, and trash bags for clean-ups along the way; 

• slip leads for walking dogs and bungie cords to secure the dog crates; 

• a bag of clean bedding for the dogs;

• a first-aid kit for dogs/cats and humans.

For those of you who have never been on a transport, most dogs and cats settle down and you don't hear any barking or meowing once you're on the road.    It's actually very quiet and peaceful until you stop for gasoline or rest area breaks.   NOTE:  Research studies have shown that animals become very peaceful and stress-free when listening to classical or country western music.   I listen to FM classical music and most trips the the dogs in my van are always very quiet and seem quite peaceful. 





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