A most special thank you to Matt McIntosh who developed the CanINE Express website!!

Many, many thanks to our wonderful volunteer drivers, such as Brandon Shoobridge, Becky Meyer, Lucy and Paul Koss, Faye Ure, and Brian Blessing who drive transport vans to Cleveland, Chicago, and New England!!!!

Thanks so much to the team at Enterprise Rent a Car for becoming a project partner and providing reliable cargo vans for our monthly trek to New England and Cleveland.

Many, many thanks to Nancy Winkley of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire who transports dogs in-between New England states!!!

A special thank you to all the wonderful volunteers from the Cleveland Animal Protective League who help us walk/water/feed the Indiana shelter dogs each month along the route to New England!!!

Thank you to the Humane Society of the United States, the Tony Stewart Foundation, ASPCA, PETCO Foundation, the Enterprise Rental Car Foundation, and private donors for funding of this project.  


Thanks so much to USA Roofing in Indianapolis for being a sponsor of the CanINE Express Transport Project!


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