Medical Information

To clear Coccydia and Other Parasites:
Marquis Paste Directions Download Word document
To clear Giardia:
Start with Metronidazole 2 times a day for 10 days, and if further treatment is needed, give panacur for five days.
Recommended Treatment for Heartworm:
The most-trusted treatment for heartworm is 2 Immidicide injections (into the muscle tissue adjacent to the spine) given 1 day apart.   Then, within 3 months, an Ivermec follow-up to kill any micro-filaria. 
Different shelters require different kinds of heartworm treatments.  Some require a set of 3 injections a month apart and some are okay with just the 2 treatments (24 hours apart), followed up with monthly heartworm prevention.  Check with the receiving shelter to see what they require.  Let them know exactly what protocol has been used and they can make the decision as to whether the dog should be transported to them.
Transport Prep for Pregnant or Nursing Cats (Cleveland Animal Protective League, February 2022)
For animals crossing state lines, whether they’re pregnant, nursing, etc, if they are old enough, we do need them to have all the vaccinations, medication, and testing completed that’s outlined on the side of the Cleveland APL Transfer Requirements form.  I know some shelters don’t vaccinate pregnant or nursing animals, but that is based on outdated studies – good news, really!  It means it’s perfectly safe to do all vaccines and testing.  For example, if kittens are 4-5 weeks old, they are old enough for FIV/FeLV snap tests, FVRCP vaccines, and dewormer (we prefer both pyrantel and Marquis paste for dogs and cats under 4 months, since they cover a wide variety of parasites).  Nursing kittens with mama do *not* need flea treatment, however.  Mama tends to just groom it off of them, and it can sometimes give mama diarrhea, which we don’t want.

Recommended Treatment for "Happy Tail (as per Karen Fogerty at Save One Animal Rescue in NH):
Use a 6ml syringe case, duct tape it to the tail and let it "hit the walls" instead of the tail.  Make sure that the tape is good and tight.  Use a cotton ball inside the syringe case to soften the blow.  It looks ridiculous!!
Recommended Treatment for Mange (as per Circle City Veterinary Hospital via Ruth Riley, Red Sky Rescue)

.6 cc of Ivermectin 1% Solution DAILY, administered orally
Cephalexin 500 mg capsule twice daily
Medicated bath followed by Lime/Sulfur Dip weekly 

After a few weeks of the daily Ivermectin doses, if you are not seeing improvement, you can up the dose another .2 cc,
but be cautious about your dose, because Ivermectin can be toxic if overdosed.  The Cephalexin is mostly to
treat any underlying skin infection from all the scratching and biting the dogs does due to the itching.  The lime/sulpher
dip is unpleasant, but VERY helpful.  You can increase the time between baths and dips once you start to see 
significant results.
Determining how much Ivermectin to use depends on the weight of
the dog.  The rule is .2 cc of Ivermectin for every 10 lbs. of body weight.  For example, if the dog weighs 30 lbs.
at the time of her treatment, .6 cc is the dose.  For a 10 lb. dog, only give
.2 cc.  That's 2 tenths of a cc.... a VERY tiny amount!  And remember, it's not injected, but
given orally, in their food or with a syringe without the needle attached.

Recommended Treatment for Parvo
DOSAGE:  Use a combination of Tamaflu and Carafate for parvo pups.  They use 1ml of each twice daily to treat parvo.  If caught soon enough, all symptoms are gone in 3 days and they are back to normal (although it's best to continue treating for 7 days).  Carafate coats the stomach and helps the feces form a bit when they have bad diarreah. 
Recommended Treatment for Lyme Disease (NH SPCA)
Two ways of treating Lyme positive dogs:
If the dog is testing positive but showing no symptoms, start them on Doxycycline 10-20mg/kg once a day for 28 days.
If the dog is showing symptoms, lethargy, limping, fever etc. we will do Amoxicillan 10-20mg/kg by mouth twice daily for 14 days FOLLOWED BY Doxy 10-20mg/kg once daily for an additional 28 days. We do this because Doxy is great for the dormant infection but not necessarily an active infection i.e. one with symptoms.  Amoxicillan is good for active infections but not dormant infections.
Amoxi 10-20mg/kg by mouth twice daily for 14 days
Doxy 10-20mg/kg by mouth once daily for an additional 28 days
No Symptoms:
Doxy 10-20mg/kg by mouth once daily for 28 days
Dosing Information for Advantage Multi:
3-9# - .4 mL
9-20# - 1 mL
20-55# - 2.5 mL
55-88# - 4 mL
88-110# - 5 mL


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