Transporting Indiana Shelter Dogs to Receiving Shelter Partners Where They Find Adoptive Homes


2016 Recipient of the Distinguished Hoosier Award from the 

State of Indiana Governor's Office

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LAKE SHORE PAWS, Valparaiso, Indiana




The CanINE Express Transport Project humanely transports shelter dogs from south central Indiana, -- areas with pet overpopulation and high euthanasia rates due to kennel overcrowding -- to shelters in areas in our country where there is a need for well-socialized, healthy dogs.  This interstate project, that began with its maiden voyage in December 2004 and currently has more than 30 partner shelters, has successfully transported 12,162 Indiana shelter dogs and 666 shelter cats. A benefit that wasn’t visualized at the project’s beginning is that our partners have shared best sheltering practices including spay/neuter education, medical care, promoting adoptions, increasing volunteerism, and political activism to build and grow state legislation related to animal issues.  

Our project does not transport Indiana shelter dogs to private adopters, only to our receiving shelter partners in Cleveland, northwest Illinois, northern Indiana, and the Northeast.


You can "virtually" ride the CanINE Express by clicking on this YouTube link:


A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Enterprise Rental Car for providing our vans each month!  


Thank you to the Tony Stewart Foundation, Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, the PETCO Foundation, Enterprise Rental Car Foundation, Spay Neuter Services of Indiana, and private donors for providing funding of this Project.

The CanINE Express gladly accepts donations to support the Project.  

The CanINE Express is an collaborative project of 15 sending shelters in Indiana and 15 receiving shelters in Cleveland, northern Indiana, northern Illinois, and New England -- all are 501c3 non-profit organizations.  Rescue Farm is the lead shelter in the CanINE Express Transport Project.   




Visa or Mastercard gift cards for gasoline; intermediate or large plastic dog crates; kitchen and large trash bags; paper towels; non-toxic cleaner; cable ties to hold crates together; DRIVERS ALWAYS NEEDED

CanINE Express Transport Project

1628 Jacobs Lane

Nashville, Indiana  47448


Phone:  812-720-0005

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