Project Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the CanINE Express Transport Project is to partner with select shelters to facilitate the placement of Indiana shelter dogs and cats with suitable guardians.



The CanINE Express Transport Project humanely transports shelter dogs and cats from south central Indiana -- areas with extreme pet overpopulation and high euthanasia rates due to kennel overcrowding -- to shelters in areas in our country where there is a need for well-socialized, healthy dogs.  This interstate project, that began with its maiden voyage in December 2004 and currently has more than 30 partner shelters, has successfully transported 12,673 Indiana shelter dogs and 1,504 cats.


A benefit not visualized at the project’s beginning is that our partners have shared best sheltering practices including spay/neuter education, medical care, promoting adoptions,  increasing volunteerism, and political activism to build and grow state legislation related to animal issues.





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